About us

The Progena Foundation has been created in 2006 by Huguette and Robert Palm when their youngest son was diagnosed with the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Progena is a recognised non-profit swiss foundation, whose purpose is to provide to affected people and their families information about the disease, its evolution and the medical research.

Progena represents Switzerland internationally as a patient organisation member of the World Duchenne Organisation (WDO) and member of TREAT-NMD, the international organisation for neuromuscular diseases.

The foundation is also member of ProRaris, organisation for all patient organisations representing patients with rare diseases in Switzerland.

Progena initiates the Swiss Duchenne and Becker Patients Registry, and has supported financially its creation. The swiss patients have thus been able to participate more easily to the most important clinical trials in Europe.

In 2011, Progena has co-organised the TREAT-NMD congress in Geneva.

In 2016, Progena has organised the first German Duchenne conference in Switzerland. 

In 2019, the name of the foundation «Progena Foundation – Action for children with rare muscular diseases» becomes: Progena – Swiss Duchenne Foundation.